Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013 - Pioneer and checkpoint winner


In May 2013, I heard that Intel was going to run an international contest - the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge. The idea of the contest was to combine the features of Intel's perceptual computing camera - hand tracking, finger tracking, face tracking and voice recognition - in an original and creative application. For more information, here is the youtube video describing the contest:

I loved the creative side of the contest, and the whole range of features of the camera gave me many idea, so I decided to take part in the challenge.

My submission

Perceptual Earth Facts' goal is to provide demographic informations about our world through a creative user experience and the power of the Perceptual Computing SDK.

This can be considered as an educational software as well as an interactive encyclopedia. Perceptual Earth Facts provides the following features:

  • More than 150 demographics indicators, available for most countries.
  • Evolution of these indicators since 1960.
  • The earth 3D representation, allowing the user to understand how the indicators diverge between countries and how they evolved these last 50 years.
  • The user can interact through standard inputs (mouse / keyboard) as well as voice commands, gesture tracking, finger tracking or face tracking.
  • Detailed information per country.

Here is a short video describing my submission:


My submission won the checkpoint award (meaning it was one of the best submission submited several weeks before the deadline) and the pioneer award (meaning it was one of the best submissions among the finalists).

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