The University Of Edinburgh - coursera: Artificial Intelligence Planning


I have always been attracted by AI though I didn't know a lot on the subject, so applying to this course seemed like an obvious choice. This course was more focused on the planning aspect of Artificial Intelligence: how to organize effectivily a set of task ?


This is a 5 weeks course. As most coursera classes, it is composed of videos, quizzes and programming assignments (automatically checked online). Completing all this took me around 5 hours a week ; about 1 hour and a half watching videos, and 3 hours and half answering quizzes and programming assignments.

  • Week 1: Introduction and Planning in Context
  • Week 2: State-Space Search: Heuristic Search and STRIPS
  • Week 3: Plan-Space Search and HTN Planning
  • Week 4: Graphplan and Advanced Heuristics
  • Week 5: Plan Execution and Applications


As the experience I had with previous coursera courses, the quality of lectures and materials were great. I learnt a lot on the planning aspect of Artificial Intelligence, some of which I will probably use on TopCoder competitions. I subscribed to other Artificial Intelligence courses on coursera, I can't wait to learn more on the subject.


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