About me

Hi! My name is Sébastien Drouyer, I am a computer research scientist and published author. I am passionate about artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, web technologies, software development, computer science and science in a general manner.

I love to compete in computer science contests, especially those that last more than a few days. I have won several prizes in competitions organized by well known companies such as NASA (TopCoder), IARPA, Intel, Github and Infotel.

I have a Masters in Computer Science (INSA Lyon) and a PhD in Applied Mathematics (CMM, Mines Paristech).

The focus of my thesis, titled "3D topography by image segmentation approach: application to scanning electron microscopy" was stereo reconstruction: estimate the 3D map of a scene from several (2D) pictures of it.

I now work at CMLA (Centre for Mathematical Studies and their Applications) at ENS Paris Saclay where I continue to work on stereo reconstruction but also on object detection and deep learning.